In the beginning, it was all about hummus. 

Made from a delicious mixture of chickpeas, tahini, olive oil and spices, hummus is an essential part of virtually every Middle Eastern menu. 

So that’s where it all started: the simple desire to provide Vancouver with an authentic version

of a Mediterranean favourite.  


Once Chef Itamar Shani began experimenting with recipes,

however, he couldn’t stop. 

Soon we had expanded way beyond hummus

and were creating a profusion of other dishes inspired by the intricately layered flavours of the Middle East. 

We invited family and friends to the table,

but everyone wanted more -

and that’s when the Chickpea Food Truck was born.  


Our downtown parking spot at Howe and Cordova attracted wandering tourists and the hungry Vancouver business crowd. It wasn’t long before we were cruising the festival scene, participating in farmers markets

and teaming up with local breweries. 

As word got out, our customer base grew and in 2017,

only a year after we launched the food truck,

we opened a cosy storefront on Main Street

in the bumping neighbourhood of Riley Park. 


In addition to serving awesome, plant-based food,

our passions have always included community involvement and environmental awareness. 

Using wholesome vegan ingredients prepared with love,

we work hard every day to nourish people

and maintain a minimal footprint on our planet.

We also enjoy partnering with community centered projects that highlight the growing needs of our diverse

Vancouver family.


We’re a funky, friendly bunch of folks

determined to change the world one chickpea at a time. Come visit us at the food truck or the restaurant, enjoy a great meal and help us spread the Chickpeace!

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