While visiting our lovable, hippie-farmer friends in Oregon,
we stumbled upon their mysterious homemade batch of kefir water. It was unlike anything we had ever tasted before and we became captivated by this new drink. We listened carefully as our friends’ passed on their knowledge to us and hurried back to Vancouver to experiment with our own recipes and learn more about this magical drink.

Today, when you take a sip of Chickpea’s Kefir water,
you’re not just drinking an incredibly healthy mixture of probiotics, vitamins, minerals and amino-acids, you’re drinking up years of friendship, passion and our small attempt to leave the world a little bit happier and healthier than it was before.

Below are some of our favourite
benefits of drinking Kefir Water:

  • improves overall immune system

  • reduces bloating/indigestion/nausea

  • reduces most hangover symptoms

  • reduces headaches

  • improves overall skin conditions

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